The town of Hissarya
is located on the southern slopes of the Sredan Gora mountain (40 kilometres north of the city of Plovdiv) at 364 metres above sea level. On the territory of the town there are 22 thermal springs of different chemical composition and temperature all with healing characteristics. Hissarya has officially been listed as an archeological reserve in 1976.

The history of the town is mainly connected with the Roman Empire. When the Roman first arrive they find a small Thracian settlement but its thermal springs make it a favourite residence of the emperors. Hissarya is established as an administrative centre in III AD and a fortress wall is erected all around the town and it was called Auguste.
It has been the residence of Maximian, Galerius, Licinius and Diocletian. Diocletian renovated the fortress and gave it his name – Diocletianopolis. The town was really flourishing and today it is one of the finest examples of Roman settlements on the Balkan Peninsula.

Today Hissarya is a spa resort receiving many guest from home and abroad. There are many hotels, restaurants and medical centres. Now the town has RELOAD, the mountain biking club of Sredna Gora.

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